2021 e3 Civic High DT Kickoff

Each year I try to start off our DT efforts with a one class DT workshop to provide a basic overview of the process and put the steps they will go through later in the year with Pactful in context.

This year we are focusing on “COVID Misinformation as a Public Health Crisis” because of a recent County resolution. San Diego County declares misinformation a public health crisis | TheHill

Primarily we are going to look at “recognize best practices for stopping the spread of misinformation;” because the currently identified solution “establish a website that will be a central resource” is a solution that is shown to be ineffective.


Congratulations on the start of the new year, Stephen, and thank you for sharing this year’s topic. It’s clearly very timely and appropriate. I’m curious as to how you’ll approach the “ineffective” solution in the context of preparing scholars to ideate other possible solutions.

This sounds like an interesting project, Stephen. I’m curious to hear the solutions/examples of best practices that you and your students find for helping to improve this problem.

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