2021 Teacher Camp - Introductions!

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This is our official Welcome to the 2021 Teacher Camp thread where we encourage registered participants to introduce themselves. In your post, consider including:

  • Your name
  • A bit about your background, including ages/subjects you teach
  • Why you signed up for camp

Hello Everyone.
Simi Basu (M.Sc(IT), MBA(IT), Scrum Master, AWS CC, Enhancement Program Specialist and a Computer Science Teacher and CyberSecurity Coach at STEM School Highlands Ranch, and a Former IBMer.
My name is Simi Basu. I am an Enhancement Program Specialist, Computer science teacher and a Cyber Security coach at STEM School Highlands Ranch, CO. I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing group of staff, students, and parents. I am a teacher who is passionate about computer science and technology. Here is a little background about me.
I moved to Colorado five years back from Scottsdale, Arizona. I have worked with IBM and other software companies for 13 years on different technologies. I am a SCRUM master and also part of WiCys and Women in STEM organizations. Everyday my passion is to inspire kids to reach further than they think they can and prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet. I prefer giving students the real world projects and scenarios they can imagine and motivate them to try new things and share new ideas. I enjoy creating curriculum that challenges their minds and engages them to their full potential. My life outside school revolves around my family.
I signed up for this camp for networking and to learn more about Pactful’s innovation strategies. Thank you.



My name is Jennifer Futrell. I am a Design Lab and Technology Teacher at Parker School in Kamuela, Hawaiʻi. Parker School is a college preparatory school with 315 students in grades K-12. Small but mighty!

I moved to the Big Island in 2020. After years of visiting and asking myself, why do I leave, I am now so fortunate to live and work here! I teach computer science classes in grades 6-12 and run our Design Lab with 3D printing, laser cutting, and physical computing opportunities for all our students. My background is 20+ years of teaching in upper elementary-high school, always with a STEAM focus.

I am interested in this camp to learn more about the Pactful program. I look forward to offering this opportunity to my students next school year.

Feel free to connect with me on social media (Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, Goodreads) @edutechteacher.



Hi! I am Nandita from HongKong. I have been teaching since the last 16 years in the areas of special education, gifted education, English Language and Literature to middle and high school students.
I always believe real, meaningful and authentic learning is empowering and engaging for students; pactful and Jacob Institute will provide me that opportunity and equip me with resources to facilitate my students to be innovative and impactful.


Welcome to camp, Simi! I’m excited to get to know you better through this experience, though we’ll also benefit from your expertise since you just went through this with your students.

Aloha, Jennifer! I think you should be hosting camp locally so we’d all “have” to go to Hawaii. :slight_smile: So excited to work with you through this camp experience.

Hi, Nandita! Welcome back. I look forward to learning more about your students and your areas of focus. I know the timezone issues are challenging (I think our scheduled sessions are at 4 AM for you :astonished:). All our sessions will be recorded and sent out afterward in case you rightfully decided to sleep in. :slight_smile:

Greetings! I am Rebecca Houston I have been an educator for 16 years all in high school. There is not a social studies course that I have not taught. World History, AP Human Geography, US History, Civics/EPF, and Psychology, Currently, I am at Innovation Early College High School in Greenville, North Carolina. This upcoming school year I will be transitioning out of the classroom into a leadership role. My new duties will included assisting teachers integrate and apply the UNSG. I am looking forward to working through this course since we are a PBL based learning school, so we can give the students more opportunities to solve problems through authentic learning.


Hi, Rebecca! Welcome to camp. I hope you get everything you’re after during camp, but always feel free to reach out to us during/after with additional ways we can support your work. We have teachers using Pactful in their own classrooms without our involvement, as well as many who join our events (like this camp and our annual teen innovation challenge). I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Hi Simi! It’s great to see you again. Although you’re quite familiar with Pactful already, it will be great to have your input and expertise!

Hi Nandita!

We’re so happy to have you all the way from Hong Kong. We’re looking forward to working with you during the camp and hope you will use it in your classroom next school year!

Aloha Jennifer! It’s great to have you with us all the way from the beautiful state of Hawaii! We look forward to having you in camp this summer.

Hi Rebecca! It’s nice to meet you. We’re happy to have you with us for the Teacher Camp. Congrats on your leadership role and hope you will use Pactful this coming school year with your teachers!

Hello, I’m Kim and I just completed my 14th year teaching junior high language arts. Next school year, I am joining a group of teachers at my school in teaching our PathFinder course.
I am interested in Pactful to help guide us as we help students find their passions and contribute to their communities.

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Hello, I’m Amy and I’m a Teacher on Special Assignment for the Fullerton School District. Last school year, we used Pactful as part of an after-school program. I really liked the program and thought the resources were amazing. We are planning on continuing the program next year. We were challenged to use the entire Pactful program because we only met once a week. I am attending this teacher camp in hopes of having a better understanding of all the components of Pactful so that I can do a better job of implementation while working with the same time constraints of only meeting once a week.

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Welcome to both @Kimberley_Halstead and @AmySylvester to camp! We are excited to have you both.

@Kimberley_Halstead, I’m excited by your thinking and hope we’re able to give you some good tools and tips for integrating into your PathFinder course. I’d love to understand what that looks like further.

And @AmySylvester, I’m so glad to see you again! We love our returning veterans because you have so much to share and offer to everyone else! Building a better world is a team effort.

As you both start thinking about your school year experiences, please let us know how we can help. Pactful is available on its own but we also could help with professional development of other educators or in other ways depending on what you might need. Looking forward to chatting more!

Ana Rynders
Professional Development Specialist - Five Star Technology Solutions
Professional Educator with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience from PreK-5th grade. I coach teachers in the district I support in purposeful instructional technology use.
Master’s Student at Purdue University - Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Design & Technology

I sought out Teacher Camp in my research of the Global Goals. I am excited to participate in discussions here. I wish to apply my learning by creating opportunities for teachers in the district I support to engage in thoughtful conversation, design, and action.

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Hi I’m Suji DeHart, I work for two social enterprises that promote global citizenship and service learning. I’m am attending this to see if I can learn anything to enhance our workshops and courses. I do not teach a class in a school per se.

I am a TCK, born in India and have lived around the world, most recently in Malaysia, Mexico, France…I’ve taught in USA, China and Malaysia.

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Welcome, @Ana_Rynders and @SujiD! I know Suji was able to join us live today, but for Ana, we did record the session and hope that you’ll watch.

We are excited to have new educators joining us on our mission to build a better world!