Alice Kennedy's Challenge Blueprint

Please find attached the blueprint for my challenge. I still need to find ways to get more teacher buy-in, but we will continue to have meetings to discuss it. I think many teachers are simply overwhelmed at the moment, and they are just trying to get everything set up. I am hoping that by sharing the resources with them they will see that it is not as overwhelming as they may think it is.

This has been a fantastic experience, and I feel like I learned so much and feel prepared to start my challenge with my students.


You’re definitely right about a lot of teachers feeling overwhelmed this year. We are hoping that some things like Pactful might really help some teachers who are looking for something a little different this year.

I saw your update in your blueprint and I appreciate you sharing the teacher’s concerns around social justice in their classrooms. I think it’s even more important to bring into classrooms and discussions because it’s hard to discuss. I am interested to hear how things progress.

I like your proposed title of making a difference in our communities. Perhaps one of your initial activities with either teachers and/or students would be brainstorm a title around the themes you’re presenting, giving them an opportunity to engage in the process and name the challenge?

Such a great update on the broadcast class! Getting students really engaged makes me so happy.

Thank you for your amazing work, Alice. Let’s keep the discussions going!

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Hi Alice! Awesome blueprint!

I really hope that Pactful can serve as a strong resource for you and your colleagues as a PBL solution. Since the curriculum is already built, it takes the pressure off of having to implement a new concept relatively quickly. I think your school’s initiative of implement PBL across the board is wonderful and the students will really grow from it.

I agree with you in that streamlining projects across disciplines is a great idea so that students won’t feel overwhelmed. Each subject area can have requirements to be met for the “one” project.

The PBL Fair sounds like a great way to showcase student projects. Zoom break-out rooms for presentations can help to make it easier for the “stations” you mentioned. Or another idea is to set up different Zoom meetings according to a schedule. I attended a design-thinking fair and was able to sign up for different projects at different times. I received links for the different times, so when one was over I just clicked the new Zoom link to go into the next presentation. Either way could work.

If you need additional support from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Great job!

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