Avoiding Bias While Showing Empathy

During the JTIC Pitch webinar, the wonderful question, “How do you remind your students not to paint their audience/inspiration community in a deficit frame during the pitch? Do you have to re-edit for bias at this stage?” was brought up by @Kelley_Hensley. Brene Brown states, “expressing empathy or being empathic is not easy. It requires us to be able to see the world as others see it, to be non-judgmental, to understand another person’s feelings and to communicate your understanding of that person’s feelings (Wiseman, 1996).” As your students develop their pitches, remember it’s important them to show empathy, without judgment. I found a couple of articles and a short video that specifically address this issue.

Lead with Empathy, Teach with Anti-Bias,” by Scotland Nash

How to Build Empathy and Strengthen Your School Community,” (harvard.edu)

How to Check Your Unconscious Bias,” video by Dr. Jennifer Ebehardt