Biomimicry Challenge

I apologize, Pactful Community, you’ve been on my mind, but I haven’t give time to you. Im working on my challenge- which I imagine will be creating a community currency or an entrepreneurial project. Here is a wonderful opportunity as well that can align possibly with whatever you are doing:
A Biomimicry Youth Challenge


Thank you for sharing this, Alison! I’m going to move the thread to the Events category just so others can see it and join in if they’d like.

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Alison, I love the idea of creating a community currency. It’s a way to build a community eco-economic systemthat bonds community and makes producing useful things (food, goods, services, etc) more meaningful since you will know those who will consume/use them…which goes toward the vision of an Earth community. I recently watched a video on a town in New Zealand that is experimenting with this. I can hunt down the name of it (my husband is actually the one who found it) and send it along if it would be helpful.