Building Creativity

I am realizing I need to get serious about helping my students become more comfortable being creative in my classes. I have started branching out looking for resources. I thought I would start sharing what I am finding of value here.

I need a creativity play book. I am looking for activities for students to practice their creativity, to build their creative brain muscles.

I need everything from 5 minute ice breakers, 20 minute brainstorms, to hour long workshops.


I used this for a warm up in class. It can create random design prompts for students to think of a quick possible solution. I focused on the “Products & UX” category. I had to randomize a couple of times to get prompts I liked. It went well and I will use again in the future.

They also have STEM lesson packs on their site, but I do not know anyone that has tried them.


5 brainstorming warm-up exercises to activate your creativity

Today as a warm up to Ideate Do 2. Go broad: Braindump, we did “5. Left-hand right-hand drawing” and “1. Alternate Uses”.

We started with the drawing and students said it was a good warm up. They were able to get their brains going and take a small risk they were comfortable with.

Then we did 2 rounds of Alternative Uses with random parts and tools from the auto shop. Students shared out after the second round and we had a good laugh.

All seven in person students were able to come up with at least 12 braindump solutions to their How Might We question.

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Thank you for sharing these brief, creative warm up activities, Timothy! It sounds like they’re going well for your students. In my experience, it can sometimes take students a while to feel comfortable enough to share their ideas, but I’ve found once they get to that point, they don’t hold back and that’s when the real fun starts!