Can I have/be in more than one class?


Each educator that signs up for an account in Pactful is provided one class (but classes can support multiple teachers. Each class has a unique class code that educators can share with students so they can join their Pactful class.

Students can create projects and add other students from the same Pactful class. While we can support an educator in multiple classes, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • The interface is not ideal for users in multiple classes. The only way to “toggle” between them is by using a dropdown that appears on your dashboard. By default, the most recently created class will be selected.

  • Only students in the same class can work together on a project.

  • Educators will not see the calls-to-action indicators (i.e., red dots alerting you that a student team’s submission requires review) for their non-active class, so you will need to manually check the different classes.

Students Joining Another Class

Existing Pactful student users can join another Pactful class by clicking on their profile avatar in the upper right corner and selecting the Join a Class button as shown below. Students just enter the teacher’s class code and they will be joined to the new class.

Need Another Class?

If you would like us to set up additional classes for you, please contact us at