Clean water challenge

6.4 water scarcity. My plan is to create and use water cisterns/collection barrels for each home and large structures to collect whatever rainfall there is. These would be plastic so there would be no chemical degradation to contaminate the water source. The barrels and the gutters would all be plastic with plastic connectors and hose connectors to use and drain the collectors.


Michelle, I love this idea. Years ago, my husband directed all the rainwater from the eaves troughs through downspouts that fed into a rain collection tote. We were able to wash our vehicles and water the garden during dry spells without guilt or worry about overusing our well water. We’ll have to hook this up again… such a smart and eco friendly solution!

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This is such a practical example, Michelle! One could see this being implemented fairly easily in homes. Great job.

Yes! Love it. One of those things I’ve always been meaning to make happen at my own house… Creating it in such a simple way is great.

When I was growing up in India, the houses in our villages had slanted roofs which had water gutters at the end of it to collect rain water into cisterns. Even if it didn’t get collected rain water seeped into the ground and increased the water levels in wells and lakes. Governments can encourage every household to save water from rain to reuse in the community, much like homes that are using solar energy and selling the excess energy to companies becoming prosumers.

Nice idea, Michelle! Using freshwater from rain is always an efficient way to tap into natural resources. Great work in Tinkercad!