Digital Primer Activities

Before diving into the Pactful curriculum, teachers can introduce students to design thinking through the "Great Inventor” Activity. By using the lens of an invention, students will choose an inventor and identify his/her invention, then answer a series of questions that represent the Pactful Design Thinking Phases.

Another activity, called the “Digital SDGs Pin Board,” helps students showcase understanding of the SDG’s. Padlet, allows teachers to share the link or QR code to the digital pinboard, enabling students to work on it in real-time, viewing each other’s work.

Within this activity, teachers can assign a goal to each student in your class and have them post a pin which includes: the name of the global goal, a picture that represents the goal, and a brief caption. Then, you can have your students comment on 2 or 3 goals that were assigned to other students with responses including: comments or questions. It also allows students to “like” pins that are posted.

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