Dionne's Blueprint

Here is my Challenge Blueprint:

Teacher Camp Challenge Blueprint

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Hi Dionne,
I love the title (and theme) of your event. The curriculum you are using for the class sounds really interesting and does seem like it will lend itself well to the innovation challenge. I love your ideas of a family survey to help identify resources and interests, and for using of a set of criteria from which to judge the projects and pitches. I love how you will involve students in developing that rubric. It will guide the students as they develop their ideas and pitches, and be a common base from which to judge.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Dionne,

You have such a creative title! I think it is wonderful how you are incorporating goals related to climate, the environment, and clean energy into your world language classes. In my experience, non science teachers sometimes shy away from these, but they connect to every discipline. I also love how you are inviting families and staff to share their resources. It is so important for students to see the resources and knowledge that exist within their own communities, and I think your approach to this is fantastic.

This is great, Dionne. Just a few comments to consider:

  1. I love the focus on a World Language course. So many overlapping possibilities.
  2. I’d encourage you to flesh out your timeline just a little bit more just to provide some clarity on how you’ll structure the various design thinking phase and pitch activity.
  3. Inviting your colleagues is a great idea. Maybe that will help you create a little friendly competition between classes for students too? We have seen that students tend to get a little more enthused when they’re “competing.”
  4. If any of your colleagues would like their own Pactful classes or setup, we’re happy to help.
  5. As we discussed today, there is a rubric built into the Pactful curriculum that you can consider using to “judge” the pitches. This also creates a great forum for feedback between the student groups.
  6. Let us know about your winners and finalists. We can share the good news on our social channels as well.

I love the detail you’ve provided in your blueprint already. Great stuff!