E3 Civic High Exhibition - This Friday

Come watch and support high schoolers show off their design thinking work, many of whom are also working in Pactful and the JICC, on Friday, May 1st, from 4–6 PM PT. We have been grateful for the ongoing collaboration with e3 Civic High since we launched Pactful and are thrilled to join in their showcase event this Friday and hope you will too.

Schedule and sign up at https://exhibition.e3civichigh.com.

From Steven Cerruti:

On Friday, March 13th of this year, under guidance from Governor Newsome, school districts throughout California closed their doors to in person learning. This closure would later be extended through the remaining school year. However, e3 Civic High is a different type of school and because of the schools’ technology forward approach, that puts a MacBook in the hands of each scholar, and it’s focus on equity, that ensured that each scholar could access the internet from wherever they call home during this crisis, e3 Civic High was able to continue it’s instruction offering full class schedules online the following Monday morning.

Founded in 2013 to serve high school students in San Diego, e3 Civic High is a public charter open to all. The school has 400 scholars in grades 9 through 12. Over three quarters of the students are considered first generation college bound and over one quarter are English learners.

Sadly, even with the supports in place to move instruction online, scholar work was not uninterrupted. Our scholars were in the final stages of preparing their design thinking prototypes for our Annual Exhibition of Learning. Exhibition is our biggest event of the year and provides our scholars a chance to demonstrate their achievements and receive valuable feedback from professionals in the community, a key element of the design thinking process. Our scholars had to transition from in person collaboration creating physical representations of solutions to online collaboration preparing presentations that could be delivered remotely. In our opinion they have done a wonderful job of reacting to a bad situation with grit and determination and producing some amazing results.

To support the goals of our Exhibition of Learning and to provide our scholars the best possible experience we have moved our Exhibition online for the 2020 school year. I am asking you to dedicate a couple of hours on Friday, May 1st at 4:00 PM to join us for presentations from our scholars on solutions they have created for a variety of problems they see in their world today. We hope that you will come away impressed by the creativity and effort demonstrated by our teams and we only ask you to come prepared to engage with our scholars to provide the valuable feedback they need to fully understand the design process. Won’t you please join us for the evening?

You can find information about the projects being presented at our Exhibition Website, https://exhibition.e3civichigh.com. Later this week information will be available on how to join our presentation sessions via Zoom. Thank you.


This looks like an awesome event! I look forward to attending!

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This is great to see examples of what an online exhibit can look like. I look forward to hearing more about their projects.

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Just an update: The sessions are posted up on the website now and you can either browse to find ones that seem interesting to you.

And one more:

4:00 to 4:10 PM Performance from our award-winning e3 Choir under the direction of Cheryl Slavik. Click Here for Live Stream

4:10 to 4:30 pm
Welcome from Dr. Cheryl James-Ward, CEO/Chief Engagement & Innovation Officer. Click Here for Live Stream

4:30 to 6:00 pm
Presentations and exhibitions from e3 scholars in their respective level areas.

6:00 pm
Adjourn - Thank you for joining us this evening!

I really enjoyed the showcase by the students! Kudos to Principal Cheryl Ward, Stephen Cerruti and all of the E3 Civic High teachers on a successful event! Some of the highlights for me was first, the organization of the event and the attention to details, especially doing everything remotely! It was nice to see the higher order thinking skills and creativity shown by the students. It was evident students were well-prepared and had practiced presenting online prior to the showcase. Their knowledge of the design thinking process was clear. I personally enjoyed being able to participate by completing a survey after the groups present, rather than just being a spectator. I observed the Wildfire Prevention, Rescue Bear, and SafeKid presentations. They definitely represented having the Innovator’s Mindset! Great job!


I attended the Exhibition on Friday. One perk of it being virtual is that more people could attend from far away (though I’d planned to attend in person if it was held that way).

As a technologist, I know how hard it is to pull something of this magnitude off. There were a few bumps initially, but I was fortunate to be able to See Dr. James-Ward’s welcome after hearing the choir sing, a wonderful touch.

I then zipped between a few rooms. In the first one, I got to see Idle Reminder’s pitch. This team focused on a solution to idling buses in San Diego.

I was super impressed by this team’s overall effort. I had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their work and the back-and-forth with the audience was a key aspect of the exhibition. After, the moderator provided all attendees with a Google Feedback form (an awesome touch!), and I left the following feedback for the team:

You definitely chose a real problem and proposed a relatively simple, yet effective, solution. I would have liked to hear a little bit more about your plan to prototype a solution and test it (knowing that weren’t able to do that due to the pandemic), but overall I think it was well thought out and interesting. I’m curious to learn how you’d take the next steps if you were given the opportunity. Well done!

After that, I joined another room and got to hear from PhytoAttack, another 10th grade team. Their project was led by one student who loves seafood and was concerned about the impact of water pollution on the shellfish farming industry in San Diego. This team included some game-based approaches in their solution which I thought was fantastic; I left them this feedback:

There are a lot of great ideas in your solution! I love the submarine and gaming aspects especially. I wonder whether there are any side effects or risks associated with the chemical, but that’s where testing comes in. You identified a problem that was relevant to your team–the essence of understanding–made it real and created a solution. Great job!

Overall, the entire leadership team and scholars at E3 did an amazing job on Friday, and I was felt very fortunate to be able to attend and learn from them. These scholars are social good innovators now!