Hello Everyone, My name is David Conover

I teach Video Game Design with an emphasis on Games for Change or Serious Game Design. The students take on real-world challenges, re-mix design thinking, and computational thinking. The students’ research leads to micro-credentials for innovative global solutions. We are reinventing the classroom experience by exploring STEAM, esports, and simulations.
I look forward to meeting you all soon.

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David, you are awesome! We’re so glad to have you continue on the journey with us!

David, your information regarding micro-credentials seems quite interested. As our school moves toward student-centered learning we are trying to work out what independent learning programs might look like and micro-credentialing is an interest of ours.

Hello Lawrence, and thanks for connecting. Student-centered learning and design thinking are a new framework for management and analysis. Let’s explore how we can connect the dots. I plan on putting together a Padlet so that I can make my thinking more visible and share.

Great to have your support once more, David! Thank you for joining us for our Teacher Camp!

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Aack - I thought I replied, David. It’s so great to have you along for this ride. Your engagement with the community is fabulous. We are hopeful this forum allows for connections beyond “camp” to persist.

Thanks very much, Monty. It’s so exciting to see the progress that has taken place. From the very beginning to where it is right now. This forum will allow for epic connections to persist.

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Thank you. You are Awesome!

David, a Padlet is a great idea. I don’t know if it’s just me, but putting things in visual format (either as a process tool or as a final outcome) really helps me grasp things better. I’m a bit of a slow processor and often find myself having to see the big picture before moving forward. Thanks for your idea!

You’re quite welcome Lawrence. It’s a work in progress but it is meant to be a dynamic and interactive blog.I am populating it with tags or keywords that represent topics or answers to the opening Pactful questions.

Yes to game design, and yes to micro-credentialing! Glad to have more aligned brains to connect with as we design forward! I’ve been focused on a design challenge for a final and that being part and parcel with designing community currency type of games (that can of course be a few steps from “real” and also micro-credentials. So many phases of this, but what if: students/communities determine their goals, peers and mentors hold them accountable for goals with “badges”. Similar to a community creating their own economy (this is what I want to offer, and need, and as I offer, I earn credits (badges/currency) which enables me to continue to exchange within the network… its all gamification of learning to dream forward, and co-create.

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would love to connect more on this. and yes. Making thinking visual is a critical piece.

Hello Allison. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Let’s dive deeper.