How do teachers and students get access to Pactful?


Pactful brings educators and teenagers together in a Pactful class. Classes in Pactful can be as big or small as you like but only students in the same Pactful class can join projects together. Generally we recommend fewer Pactful classes to simplify your setup and support students joining/leaving groups and projects.


Educators and teachers first get access to Pactful by creating a teacher account. Once an educator has created their account, they’ll receive an email with the steps to invite students into their Pactful class (the email will have a subject of “Your Pactful class has been created” and it will be from

Teachers can always see their class code at the top of their My Dashboard page.


Students join an existing Pactful class by entering the teacher’s class code while creating a student account.

Google Accounts

Pactful requires the use of a Google Account, either one provided by your school district (through Google Suite for Education) or organization. If your organization does not provide Google Accounts, you can either use an existing Gmail/Google Account or create a new Google Account.

We use Google Accounts both for authentication into Pactful and for submitting completed activity files to teachers.

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