Intro from Alison Malisa

Hello fellow teachers and designers!

I am located in Sebastopol, California, about an hour north of San Francisco and 25 minutes from the coast. I teach 8-12th grade at an independent study school. I teach Spanish and Economics, also history and English.

For the past few years, I’ve become immersed in changing the way we teach humanities, especially economics. I teach heart-centered, trauma-informed regenerative economic design. Students design for Peace, Prosperity, Regeneration, and Wellbeing for all.

This year, I am excited to begin a process of including wellbeing assessments so students can observe and track their own wellbeing as we consider what wellbeing looks like and how to design toward it.

I’ve been looking at the research background and measurements of teachable life-affirming human qualities of:
Sense of Coherence
Cultural Conscious
Connection, and

We begin by considering how to design for optimal conversations and relationships! (We look at prosocial/non-violent communication principles: notice outward circumstances (what are the observable facts-not judgements), inward circumstances (what are we feeling inside, both emotional but also phenomenological (sensations)), interpretations (what conclusions we came to), and expression of needs (what we think we need to go forward).

Throughout the year we get to practice this as a class as we look at the issues that plague our planet and humanity, observing when we can how economic relationships have influenced human behavior, and how to design better economic scenarios to promote better eco-social relationships and individual experiences.

Pretty passionate about what I do, and glad to see that we are moving forward together to change what education is and can be.

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Welcome, Alison, and thanks for joining us. It sounds like our work aligns very well. I’m excited to hear more as camp progresses.

Hello Allison. I enjoyed reading your mission and vision statement.

Thank you, David. That is very kind and nice to hear.