Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the 2022 Jacobs Teen Innovation Challenge! Please take a moment to reply to this thread and introduce yourself to each other. Feel free to include a little bit about your interest in the challenge and your hopes for the experience.

Hi, I’m Lisa Dawley, Executive Director at the Jacobs Institute and co-inventor of Pactful. In my career, I’ve worked as a professor, CEO, researcher, and elementary school teacher, among other roles! My life’s work has revolved around helping teachers and their students feel empowered as individuals, and provide pathways and supports in their work to themselves and make the world a better place.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Lisa Dawley

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Hello educators,

My name is Bianca Alvarado, Education Program Specialist at The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education. As a High School Teacher and through personal projects, I have had the privilege of designing, facilitating and evaluating a multitude of diverse curricula, lesson plans and workshops that are age-appropriate, are aligned with 21st Century Skills, and that also utilize Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning principles.

Through the Pactful program, I will be leading the Optional Virtual Exchange Pilot and answering any questions you may have related to the challenge.

Happy to be here!

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Hello everyone! I am excited to be a part of this group. I am a high school science teacher at Kearny High School BST. I have had the privilege of exploring design thinking with my students for the past few years using Project Invent curriculum. I am looking forward to our project using Pactful this year with my partner teacher Mrs. Daina Weber and our kiddos!


Hello Challengers!

I have lead the 9th and 10th grade Design Thinking classes at e3 Civic High in San Diego, CA for the past few years. I was lucky enough to be in the first group that got to use Pactful and have been working to adapt it for use in the classroom. My focus has been on how to assess the learning, specifically in the area of the 5 Cs, that occurs while using the Design Thinking process to create an innovative solution for a real world need.

DT is required for all 420 of our scholars, about half are using Pactful in one form or another. We typically operate in groups of 4 to 6. We are currently in the final steps of the understand phase and have created larger groups from different classrooms so that information can be shared out about what was learned doing research. One big area that we are still missing the target on is interviewing and with that the development of empathy we feel is central to a human centered design process.

Our attempts at formalizing PBL competency based assessment and grading using the principles from “Grading for Equity” unfortunately crashed and burned this year. I was too ambitious for what my colleagues could implement and a third party vendor struggled to deliver their product in a way that fit into our environment. As we move further on through the year we will return to the DT process in an evolutionary way to move our practice forward. If you are using Pactful in a classroom setting I would love to hear your wins, losses and needs.

Unfortunately I have been cast in the role of IT guy for my school. I made them stick interim into my title 12 months ago, that didn’t work. While I am in over my head keeping the tech working I am a lot less involved in our day to day DT work. I will try to keep an eye on the community and chime in where I have some experience. Feel free to reach out to me personally if I can be of help as well.

Best of luck to all your teams this year, I am looking forward to seeing some great projects once again.

Stephen Cerruti
Interim Technology Manager
Lead for Design Thinking and Computer Science


Hi all! I am a little late here to introduce myself. I am a K-12 teacher at a small independent study school in Northern California. I mainly teach high school and focused on changing the way we teach econ/gov and taking a prosocial relational design-thinking approach (relational= my addition). My course is called Peace & Regeneration. The focus is on designing economic ecosystems for peace, prosperity, regeneration, and wellbeing for all.

I am very keen on connecting with schools in the global community and connecting with other teachers through a networked improvement community so we can attend to students’ social-emotional and academic improvements that come from participating in a collaborative, globally relevant design-thinking process.

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Hi! I’m Dvora and I teach high school in San Diego, CA. I teach Intro to Engineering and CS classes this school year. I am also a certified math teachers. I worked with a team of students last year who made it to the semi-finals in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest who didn’t go as far this year and wanted to use their ideas to participate in another challenge. They are considering now which ideas to develop.

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Hi everyone! My name is Arsira, a community volunteer with the organization Toys2Care, seeking to empower youth through environmental stewardship. This is an entirely youth lead effort so I’m excited to be a part of this challenge and continue efforts to give students resources to help themselves, each other, and the world. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead with each other.

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Great to be here. Hello to everyone.
I’m Mary K. Lemoine and I teach at all all girls school and I would love to use Pactful for our end of year Global Challenge project. Every year we put girls 5th-7th grade in mixed age groups to complete a global challenge. Pactful seems perfect. We have to do this at the end of the school year so we probably won’t be submitting for judging but I love the website for our girls.

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My name is Brian Martin, and I am in my 25th year as an Educator, Leader, STEM Coordinator, and Coach. I am currently the STEM Coordinator, PLTW Teacher, and Robotics Advisor at The Palmdale Aerospace Academy. We have been running Engineering Showcases here for about 8 years, (first year virtual in 2021; Sign in - Google Accounts) and it has been an inspiring journey seeing our students connect to amazing opportunities, both here in the Aerospace Valley, and beyond! We have a vigorous FIRST Robotics program, and were lucky enough to win a FIRST FRC Robotics World Championship in 2015, with Team 5012 Gryffingear ( I am excited to connect with all of the great Mentors and Teachers here in at Pactful, and the Jacobs Innovation Challenge.

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Welcome to the growing Pactful Community, everyone!