Jill Keltner Completed Blueprint

Here is my blueprint: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I5X42bT2NINX9XCsljWMcY09w372ZqfylFx9ZvoBP8U/edit?usp=sharing


I’m so excited for your challenge, Jill!

One thing: Is there enough time for the pitch phase? I see that you’re doing the Prototyping starting January 15th, but then pitching at the end of February. There’s no one perfect timeline, but I’d definitely want to give plenty of time to the prototyping phase and successfully crafting and finalizing pitches takes time too.

Great blueprint, Jill! I think doing your event in conjunction with the LEAP conference is a smart way to go. I like the idea of sending a survey to your parents to find out the resources and community connections they have for mentorship. I agree, this is a skillset that is very important for people to develop. As an educator, it has made a world of a difference for me! I’m also happy to see you’re interested/open to getting homeschoolers from other countries. If you do pursue that idea, I’d love to hear about the connections you make.

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