John Goldberg: Online Management Instructor

I have an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and served as a manager of a corporate responsibilty initiative in a Fortune 500 company. A fun fact is that I’m Costa Rican (naturalized). I teach business management online, including a team innovation activity in my Technology Management course at the University of California, Davis and would like to learn how to teach this topic to younger people.

I have been accepted as a teacher in the Stevens Institute Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge this fall but I am not scheduled to teach a community college course this fall. Do you know people in community colleges I could contact to find students who might want to participate in it as an extracurricular activity?

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Hello John nice to meet you. Let’s talk further. I’d like to learn more.

Welcome, John! I’m glad you asked about potential participants for your Sustainable Challenge. I wonder if @lisadawley might have suggestions related to community college participants? (I edited to update with a link to the dedicated topic on this matter as opposed to responding here.)

Hey John, I don’t have direct connections to potential partners at the Community College level. Monte, I’m wondering if you can make an introduction to our friends at the Changemaker Hub, UCSD, Michelle, etc., if they might be able to make some recommendations for him?

Thank you very much, Lisa.

Monte: Can you connect me with Changemaker Hub?

Good idea, @lisadawley. @johngoldberg, I will send an email to make the connection.