Primer Activity - Create Your Own Tea Activity

Back in January, we had the amazing opportunity to be led through a 2-hour Design Thinking primer activity led by our very own @Alina_Mitchell. While this was an in-person activity, it definitely resonated with a number of the attendees, many of whom were/are actively using Pactful in their classrooms (e.g., @Stephen_Cerruti, @reubenhoffman).

The group got to experience the three Pactful design thinking phases, culminating in a pitch! We worked individually in this case, but you could easily use groups. The intent was to create a custom “tea” using between three and five ingredients (e.g., lavender, hibiscus, rose petals) to help solve a health problem.

We started at the Understand phase and identified a health problem that was relevant to each of us. Then we moved on to the Ideate phase and identify ways to solve the problem using tea. During the Prototype phase, we got a chance to mix our selected ingredients and taste them. We culminated the event with everyone giving a Pitch for their tea, including its (funny) name and purpose, complete with commentary about whether it actually tasted good.

There were a lot of laughs, but we also learned something about each other. Because everyone got to choose their own health problem, many of the “tea solutions” were very personal.

We have since added this activity to our Teacher’s Guide, completed with a provided worksheet.

Here are some photos from the event.

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