Replacing Maslow's Hierarchy

One of our teachers is pushing back against using Maslow based on critical analysis of the theory. Is there another categorization of needs that could be used here as an alternative?

My understanding is that this is included to provide a starting point for recognizing needs as well as a way to help participants choose which needs are more important. Is this a correct interpretation?

Understand Do task:

  1. Use the psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help you understand and define which underlying needs of your interviewee and record responses to the following questions in the template provided.

  • Which of the five needs are they primarily focusing on fulfilling?
  • Are their needs based on contradictions between two traits, such as a disconnection between what they say and do?

If you’re trying to find a framework to use for SEL, what about CASEL? It’s one approach that’s researched-based. What Is the CASEL Framework? - CASEL

Here Maslow is being used as part of the Pactful content and not how it is being delivered. The attached come straight from the activity. I don’t think Pactful is relating the understand phase to SEL unless I am missing something.

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Hello Stephen, thanks so much for your feedback. I would like to learn more about the CASEL Framework. Are there any other resources you would suggest to learn more about it other than the previously mentioned?

Thanks so much