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I am hoping some former Teen Innovation Challenge teachers can share what SDG their student chose in the past and what projects students developed to connect with those goals.


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Good to see you here, Alex. I’m tagging a few veterans who can probably help answer your question and provide some different approaches to consider. Best of luck!
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Last year we were doing our projects and conjunction with and so we used Sustainable Cities and Communities for all our projects. Our four different classrooms were divided among transportation, housing, climate change and healthcare.

The projects in my classroom were mainly focused on mitigating some of the impacts of climate change in our local area including a wildfire detection system that relied on drones and a aquaculture protection system that was intended to monitor and treat bacterial growth in shellfish. We also had one project that focused on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of city buses by monitoring and alerting drivers of unnecessary idling.

This year we’ve let them choose their own topics. I suspected based on what happened at the end of last year that a lot of them would choose projects based around the pandemic and in fact had some projects that I was hoping they would pick up. But instead there seems to be a lot of projects focused on the longer term issues they see in the community around them primarily poverty and hunger. they haven’t progressed enough on these projects for me to see where they’re going to end up.

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Thanks for sharing, Stephen. I’ll be interested to hear your perspective on whether choosing a goal or allowing them to choose impacted the final results, if at all.

Students either wanted to build their project or create an app for it.

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Aack, I forgot to ask @senkay to share his thoughts on this too!

I would say trust the process. We used the project as part of the curriculum and gave it points for the final grade. You’ve done it before so you probably know all this but we just scaffold the points for each module. So they have a vested interest in the project.

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Hi Alex,

A few of our projects were recognized last year. The projects were on the pact full site before, but I can’t seem to find them again.

Can you post a link to that page if it still is up?

The Winners and Finalists page from last year’s challenge is still up!