Teen Challenge Blueprint: Alice Kennedy

Hi All,

Here is my blueprint for the Teen Innovation Challenge. I value and welcome all feedback and input.



Hi Alice,
I appreciate your blueprint. I think that is wonderful that your whole school community focuses on the same theme for the school year. Social Justice and Inequity as a theme is certainly timely, relevant, meaningful, and apropos for many of the SDGs. I understand the desire and need to build community first before diving into the teen challenge–and feel the same uneasiness about making that happen virtually. I love that you are seeking student buy in and will look for opportunities to gather student input about SDGs, prizes, presentations, and the pitch event. It does sound like that event would fit nicely with your PBL showcase. Your plan seems well thought out and can work across the disciplines as you envision.

You have wonderful, well-thought-out ideas about how to make this work. Working with the PBL theme and pitching at the PBL fair sound great. I appreciate your understanding that the kids can get overwhelmed with projects for their different classes. I wonder: Will they be doing the Teen Challenge in different classes so the same kids will be doing several different challenges? Or would they be working on the same challenge in different classes?

The virtual learning definitely adds another logistical challenge to the planning of this whole thing, especially since I would guess we may be going into and out of school at various times. We used Padlet for our end of the year Learning Fair last year, and each kid had a link to their project. Then people could leave comments on padlet so the kids felt like they had an audience and got feedback from them.

Have fun with your Teen Challenge!


Great work, Alice. Just come comments for you to think about.

  1. I absolutely love the cross-course integration. That’s such a powerful way of thinking about the global goals, project-based learning, and social innovation.
  2. If there’s something we can provide to help you “convince” other teachers, please let us know. We could perhaps run a dedicated information session or something.
  3. Since you’re a Google school already, perhaps your students can use Google Meet to coordinate their activities with each other?
  4. If there are ways we can support your community building (e.g., creating a dedicated area in the Pactful community), please let us know.

Excellent job with this, Alice! You are exceedingly thorough.