Using Chrome and see a blank page or error in Pactful? Try this first!

On occasion, part of the Pactful app my not work correctly for you even after you refresh the page or reload your Chrome browser. If that happens, please try the following steps first to see if it resolves the issue:

  1. In the address bar of Chrome (where you normally see the website URL), enter the following and hit enter: chrome://settings/siteData
  2. In the white search box near the top (under the blue Search settings box), enter
  3. In the results page, only one listing should appear and you can then click on the trash icon to remove all the settings.

That should be it! If this works for you, please send us a quick note at letting us know that it did.

This step worked the first time but now doesn’t! Help please.

I just sent you an email, Katrina, so hopefully we can diagnose your issue there.