Virtual Solutions & Understand Jamboard Activity

Thank you for joining the Understand Webinar for the Jacobs Teen Innovation Challenge!

As mentioned in the recorded webinar, there are many virtual solutions student teams can create using Pactful including: websites, apps, petitions, fundraisers, etc. Here are a couple of resources I found that some of you may find useful. If you have anymore, please feel free to add in the comment section of this post!

How to teach students to create a petition lesson

How to teach students to create a fundraiser lesson

Also, due to time constraints we weren’t able to complete the Jamboard Activity together. Please feel free to use this idea with your students when introducing the Understand Phase!

A key part of understanding means taking the time to observe and note key findings that stand out to you. Due to this unique time in our world, where many are currently in a virtual setting, students may have to make observations through distant-measures such as pictures, newspapers, video clips, and other non-traditional ways. Using Jamboard is a fun way to introduce students to the concept of making observations. Here’s a short “Fun with Observations” activity!

Activity Instructions:

  • Go to Jamboard
  • Take a look at the picture to the right of the screen.
  • Answer the questions on the board using the post its, pictures, or text!