Week 1 - Camp Session, Goals, and Activities

Camp Session

Thursday, July 23rd at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET.

Goals and Objectives

  • Understand social good innovation, design thinking, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Identify goals of summer camp
  • Access Pactful and supporting resources


This week, your Challenge Activity is to review the Innovator’s Guide and Teacher’s Guide and post responses to the following prompts in the Pactful Community by the next session:

  • Share your reflections on social good innovation (Social good is defined as working collaboratively to create solutions for the betterment of the whole).

  • After participating in the webinar and reviewing the guides, what is most exciting to you about engaging in social good innovation? What are your concerns?

  • Some educators choose to create challenges narrowed down to one specific SDG and some allow students the choice to choose out the 17. Thinking ahead to your challenge, will you have your students focus on one particular global goal or will it be open? Why?

Post your Week 1 Challenge Activity by Tuesday, July 28 in the Pactful Community. Provide feedback to 2 posts before the next session.

Today, we had fun completing the SDG’s Pinboard Activity, also one of the Primer Activities in the Pactful Teacher’s Guide! Using Padlet.com, everyone shared a photo & caption to one of the global goals. The purpose of this activity is to showcase initial understanding of the SDG’s and it is also a cool activity you can do with your students!

Check out our SDGs Pinboard below: