Week 1: John Goldberg

Share your reflections on social good innovation (Social good is defined as working collaboratively to create solutions for the betterment of the whole). The traditional way to look at business is to only think about the bottom line, profit. More recently, people have been talking about the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit, Social good addresses people and planet, but not necessarily to the exclusion of profit.

After participating in the webinar and reviewing the guides, what is most exciting to you about engaging in social good innovation? What are your concerns? This is something I have done much of my life, first as a community organizer, then as a corporate resonsibility manager and now as an instructor. We need to leave the world a better place, especially now.

Some educators choose to create challenges narrowed down to one specific SDG and some allow students the choice to choose out the 17. Thinking ahead to your challenge, will you have your students focus on one particular global goal or will it be open? Why? Open because, in my experience, students are more engaged when as many of the parameters of the task are of their own choosing. Also, many of the goals are interrelated so to work on just one at the exclusion of the others could be counterproductive.


Great thoughts, John, and welcome to the community. I like the three Ps you mentioned. We are starting to see this play out in some corporate structures, including benefit orgs and certified b corporations.

Thanks. Monte. I give my students the link to the B Corp list for companies to study in my classes.