Week 2 Clean Water Challenge

My solution is a filtration bottle. This is a plastic bottle with a a carbon filter. In addition to the plastic bottle, there is a carbon filter and diffuser plate. The diffuser allows water to spread evenly as it is being filtered. The carbon filter fits into the diffuser holder. There is also a travel lid.
This bottle will help with clean water as it filters water to make it safer for drinking.
Here is my design:


Hi Dionne,
Kudos to you for doing this so quickly. Nice design. I like the pieces to your bottle and the functions they serve. It seems like you are having a better time with tinkercad than I am. :slight_smile:
~MaryBeth Molina

You nailed it, Dionne! Amazing job and great explanation.

I like that this has the possibility to not only be used in collecting water and filtering water to use in a home, but it could also be downsized and made portable for peoples who may be traveling, or nomads moving from pace to place

Hi Dionne,

This is a wonderful design! It is simple and could easily be distributed to communities who lack access to clean water. I also like that you actually designed each piece of your solution.

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Great work on your prototype! I love the details and various parts. It’s very practical!