Week 2 Reflections and Prototype

Hi Everyone,

Here are my reflections on some of the activities in the curriculum:

I appreciate the attention to question formation in both the Understand and Ideate phases. The first activity in Understand, Dive into the research: Research questions, seems like a helpful tool in teaching students how to research and to develop questions to guide that research. I like the video and the step-by-step process and examples that this activity provides. I work with young teens, and often they don’t know how to research a topic well yet. In addition, they sometimes have trouble narrowing down what they want to know and how to frame a research question. These tools will definitely help.

Then, in the Ideate phase, I love the How Might We activity. It engages students in discussion and collaboration to clarify the issue and develop an actionable goal. Again, they are forming a question that will guide their effort to find an answer. The focus is on possibility.

Here is my prototype:

I have a simple bottle, with a domed cap that would house the filter and a spout for drinking.

MaryBeth Molina


Some great insights about the activities, Marybeth. I especially agree on the How Might We activity: it’s definitely a good conversation starter.

Cool use of Tinkercad and your bottle. I found it really tough to use Tinkercad at times, but it’s an interesting option to bring products into reality.

I agree that we always think of these students as technology natives and they really don’t know how to use the tools that come with the technology. How many times we need to tech them how to do research and how to use a spreadsheet. I like that your idea is portable but could also be up scaled to accommodate larger needs for homes.

Hi MaryBeth,

You bring up an excellent point about young teens and research. I too work with young teens, and research and narrowing a topic is something they definitely struggle with. I agree with you that the tools here will help. Great work on your prototype! I think your design is awesome and is definitely something that could be possible.

Great thoughts on the activities. Learning and understanding how to research is very important for students and a skill they will find useful for a very long time! Nice prototype; it’s an effective solution that can be helpful for the problem being addressed!