Week 2: Reflections and Prototype

I appreciate that looking at one’s own assumptions is a part of the process. It is easy to “fix” things for other people without really knowing what they are living through. As adults, we have all been in a place where someone really didn’t “get” us. I think this is a truly important skills, and I appreciate that it is part of this process. I like that there is the “look at yourself” through exploring our assumptions as well as the “look at others” through the interview process.

I also like all the different methods to “ideate.” I appreciate that there are different possibilities for different kinds of thinkers, and that students are encouraged to try different types of ideas: narrow, broad, framing. Learning HOW to think is another one of those skills that are important for life, but not always part of the curriculum.

6.4 By 2030, substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors and ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity
This weekend, I drove to the Bay Area and back. The aqueduct brings water from northern California, through the Central Valley, and to southern California. While I do love looking at the water as I drive through the dry Central Valley, I have always wondered why they don’t cover it as I’m sure LOTS of water is lost to evaporation.
My prototype is a “lid” to the aqueduct. It would be made of metal and shaped such that it would cover the aqueduct to keep evaporation to a minimum while still allowing rain water and rain water run-off to flow into the aqueduct itself.
This would work to increase water-use efficiency and increase the supply of freshwater for farming and human use.


Hi Jill,

I like the creative thinking techniques of ideating with initially lots of ideas and then narrowing it down. I specifically enjoy the narrowing part - its a bit like ‘doughnut’ - removing some parts and still being able to get a tasty bite!

Its great idea to cover waterbodies to avoid evaporation. Recently a whole mountain was covered in white sheets to cover the snow from melting due to climate change. Talking about climate change - its going to cause water shortages that will affect normal lives, even while glaciers are melting and water flowing into oceans. There also must be ways to utilize this water from wasting away. More ideas to explore.

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I agree Jill! Sometimes we feel as though we “know it all” already and don’t consider different perspectives, so learning how to address one’s own personal assumptions is a great lesson to learn. Great work on your prototype! It’s very innovative and a creative way to enhance an already existing constructed water source!

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