Week 3

Hi Everyone,
Here is a link to my blueprint.

MaryBeth Molina

@Marybeth_Molina, Can you make the doc viewable to anyone with the link? It’s currently not available.

i think i have fixed it now. thank you!

I liked your blueprint ideas overall, but two things really impressed me above all else. I like the fact that the high school group is piloting this challenge and can then be available as a resource. Anytime we foster peer to peer positive role models, all students benefit! Secondly, I love the “dollars” concept for judges to invest in their favorite designs. This reminds me of Shark Tank! Plus, it is a great way to motivate students to really sell their pitch.


This is awesome! I love the idea about having the audience vote with “dollars”! It puts some skin in the game. I think the SDGs that you’re trying to steer the students toward will integrate really well with the themes of your units this year and can serve as a really robust quest experience.

Hi Marybeth,

I am really impressed by your overall plan, and I think it is fantastic that you and your colleague are doing this at both the middle and high school levels. It is such a great way to motivate students. I would also love to know more about your exhibitions of learning. What does it look like in practice?

This is great, MaryBeth! A few comments:

  1. I like your thinking about the Global Goals that align with your themes. I wonder if keeping the goal selection open offers an opportunity for students to think about your ecological themes in different ways?
  2. When you say mature 7th graders, are you envisioning a selection process to identify potential students?
  3. Good point on the Google Account issue. We have had some initial discussion about how we can add support for Microsoft Accounts for Pactful. It’s on our backlog, but we’re just not there yet.
  4. Love your thinking on the timeline. I think it works well to have some structure in place to keep the projects moving toward solutions. Sometimes student teams can almost spend too much time on the Understand phase just trying to connect to the problem (which I wouldn’t skip!) which ultimately compresses their time in later phases.
  5. Are you and Catherine considering partnering on the same challenge?
  6. Given your concern about prize budgets, I like your thinking about non-monetary rewards. If you go that route, it might be worth considering adding “finalists” to your winners announcement so that more students benefit from the recognition.
  7. For your pitch event, there is some benefit to planning for it to be virtual. Student teams could spend some time nailing their recorded pitches and working on the video aspects which could be showcased on the school’s YouTube channel perhaps?

Overall, excellent work! So excited to see this coming together.

Hi Alice,
Thanks for the feedback.
Our exhibitions of learning usually take place two or three times a school year, depending on our units of study. They are usually kind of like an open house. Families are invited to attend, and student projects are on display. In addition, we invite students ahead of time to present projects to the community, so there is nearly an hour of emceed presentations–different students for each exhibition. We usually host these in the early evening to include a potluck meal. It becomes a community event, then: socializing, celebrating learning, and supporting students.

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That sounds like such an amazing evening. I know this past spring that our friends at e3 Civic High in San Diego shifted their annual exhibition online. I certainly hope it won’t be like that, but if you need tips or thinking along those lines, I can connect you.