Week 4 blueprint

Hi Everyone,
Here is a link to my blueprint.


MaryBeth Molina

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This looks great, Marybeth. Since you’re not starting until second semester, you have time to continue planning and recruiting. I hope you’ll let us know how we can help you this fall and during your challenge in the spring.

Hi Monte,
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the considerations you suggested during week 3. I agree that I will have time to continue to plan and recruit as I work toward starting this project in semester two. Teaching is an organic process and it will help me once I meet, assess, and get to know my group of students this year. Who they are will definitely inform my implementation. In addition, this upcoming school year will be different, obviously, due to the changes we are facing in response to covid. So, I appreciate feedback on this outline of a plan. As you point out, I will most likely need to make adjustments as my colleagues and I move from the ideal to reality. Thanks!


Sounds great, Marybeth, and thank you for helping us build a better world. We encourage continued engagement with the community to jointly support our collective work. Have a great weekend and :crossed_fingers: for a great back to school.

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This is awesome, Marybeth! I think your timeline and plans are very feasible. I like the thematic concept of “nature and ecology.” We have several books on the Pactful Recommended Reading List that your students might be interested in checking out.

Interesting concept with the investment jars! Each year when I had Shark Tank presentations with my 7th graders, they would get really excited when the judges would buy their product. To get real money for something they created was really a motivator for them.

I look forward to hearing about the success of your event!

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