Worlds Largest Lesson Resources for Teachers, Parents & Students

I’d like to share an awesome resource with you–The World’s Largest Lesson.

“World’s Largest Lesson promotes use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. We are a programme from Project Everyone. We produce creative tools for educators and action focussed learning experiences for children and young people that build skills and motivation to take action for the SDGs. Each year we create campaigns and challenges to keep student learning engaging and relevant (”

They have lesson plans, videos, and more that can be filtered out by age, global goal, audience, languages and more! I downloaded an awesome lesson for teenagers about “Food Waste.” It even included a cute video on YouTube entitled, “If Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ was about Food Waste.” I’d highly recommend this to help your students gain further understanding about their global goals for the JTIC! :blush:

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